Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday 13 - Pumpkin Painting


I know I've talked about the UMYF fundraiser Harvest Sale at CUMC for like the past 10 entries, but it is consuming my existence.....I've been painting pumpkins for the youth to sell EVERY DAY for the past week. 
Here are 13 (or maybe more) of my FAVORITES!!
I painted this pumpkin for my neice Jincey, a MCHS Bulldog fan!

Purple, 5-eyed, alien pumpkin

Happy pumpkin....I think I've painted 3 or 4 just like this one...very popular design!

Lawren painted this one....scary!

Black cat pumpkin...I've painted 4 of these!
BTW...I dislike cats!

This is how I feel after painting so many pumpkins....

One of my favorites....

Sunflower pumpkin....I've painted 2 of these, and have orders for 2 more....Oh joy!

Just a silly face....

Clemson Tiger paw pumpkin...

MJ zebra-striped and monogrammed this small pumpkin for Lydia...

Jessica painted this cupcake pumpkin for her sister's cute!!

Begrudgingly including the USC pumpkin....another popular pumpkin, if you're a Gamecock fan..
Lawren made a glittery web and then attached spiders to several pumpkins!  She's so creative!
Line up waiting to be sprayed with clearcoat....

I'll be busy at work painting again tomorrow....and will probably post
 more as the weeks go by leading up to Halloween! 

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