Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 11

[Day 11]
Favorite TV Shows
I'm linking up with Katie K. for the next month or so for the 30 Day Blog Challenge. 
Wish me, and everyone else who's participating, perseverance and good luck!

60 Minutes is probably my all-time favorite show.  I remember when I was a student at Winthrop and would try to time my trip back to Rock Hill on Sunday afternoons so I could be back in time to watch the newest episode...
 I also like 48 Hours, another "newsy" TV show on CBS....

I love The Andy Griffith Show....there is always a lesson to be learned from each episode in this series. 
Dry, cerebral wit and humor is how I describe The Big Bang Theory!  Love this one too!!

And, of course, I enjoy too many reality TV shows like
Survivor, Big Brother, Project Runway, The Next Food Network Star, and The Amazing Race....

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