Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Mayhem

Join Us for Monday Mayhem

1. What ticked you off last week while you were on your way somewhere?  People who drive too slowly in the left lane....if you're not going to go close to the speed limit, stay in the right lane!

2. Who in your house really ticked you off and how did they do it? him, nothing is fair...he is so mistreated....!!

3. What politician or political event really ticked you off last week?  All of them!  I'm tired of all of the negative campaigning!

4. Tell us what ticked you off on TV last week.  I was really ticked off when NBC messed up last Tuesday night and I missed part of "The Biggest Loser!"

5. What ticked you off online last week?  Ummm, my home desktop aggravates me EVERY DAY!!!  Randomly throughout every online session I get these unwanted pop-ups about viruses and bothersome :(

6. What celebrity ticked you off last week and how?  Celebrities are not important enough in my life to tick me off...I really don't care....

7. Tell us something food related that really ticked you off.  Chuck bought Krispy Kreme doughnuts and I ate two....not really the doughnuts fault, or Chuck's fault....lack of willpower at a moment of weakness....

Thanks for playing!
Try NOT to have a ticked off day :)

PS...too late....already had a ticked off day.  I'm so ready for volleyball season to be over!  Tomorrow is the first round of playoffs and our team has to travel for 3.5 hours to Hilton Head....and the coach kicked MJ off the team today!  Needless to say, I'm livid....way beyond ticked off!  I'll try to bide my time and see what the AD says tomorrow morning....please pray that I don't get arrested...

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