Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day Zero Project Progress

26.  Donate to the Thrift Shop twice yearly
I gathered two bags of the kids' clothing to take over to Cheraw.
The Thrift Shop was closed when I got there.... I dropped the two bags in the bin out back.
101.  Visit Old St. David's cemetary at least once a month

9.  Clean headstones at Old St. David's
Daddy's stone - BEFORE

Daddy's stone - AFTER
Mama's stone - BEFORE
Mama's stone - AFTER

I also took a mum to place between the stone....
23.  Document my Day Zero Project (see above)
43.  Grow Post Game on Main program at FUMC
       8-21-2010 MCHS vs. Calhoun Co. - 42 kids attended
       9-24-2010 MCHS vs. Dillon - 65 kids attended
      10-1-2010 MCHS vs. Darlington - 99 kids attended
50. Lose 50 lbs.  -8 lbs. so far!!
75.  Put change in a far for each day of the Day Zero Project - got a sm. yellow pitcher & a piggy bank to save spare change
78.  Read The Upper Room daily - so far, so good
89.  Subscribe to 5 magazines that I love - Everyday With Rachael Ray


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  1. You are doing so well scratching things off your 101 list! I am so glad that you are visiting Old St. Davids once a month and you cleaned their headstones off. That really means alot! Take care and tell everyone hello!