Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010

What a beautiful day here in SC!  The weather could not possibly be any nicer!  It was a little cool early this morning but it warmed up to a perfect 75 degrees....absolutely terrific!

Our day started early.  We all got up and went to eat breakfast with Beulah, Viv, and Jincey.  After breakfast, the kids and I went to CUMC to work at their Harvest Festival and Car Wash.  They are raising money for the youth to go on several trips early in 2011.  They had pumpkins, mums, Indian corn, gourds, and squash for sale. 

I spent the day painting pumpkins....many pumpkins!   People were placing orders and buying the ones I had finished as fast as I could turn them out.  The girls helped out a lot, and so did Jessica F.  She painted some really beautiful ones with sunflowers.  I really enjoyed working with her today and getting to know her better.  She's a really sweet young girl.

About the middle of the afternoon, the kids asked if they could go "mud bogging" with Sam and McKayla.  They'd worked so hard at the church that I decided to let them go for a little while.  Hopefully they will be safe and will come home all in one piece....oh yea, and have fun too!

I guess Chuck and I will run out and grab a bite later on.  He's busy at MCHS using his computer to do his monthly BFD paperwork.  I hope he'll be on home soon.

Well, that's today's recap thus far.  If anything exciting happens, I'll update later....


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