Friday, October 8, 2010

Charles' Senior Year

Where have the past 17 years gone??  It is so hard to believe that Charles is a senior at MCHS and will be graduating in June 2011.  It seems like only yesterday that he started in Mrs. Odom's pre-kindergarten class at Wallace School...and now, well, just look at him!

Formal Senior portrait...

Charles and a John of his true loves...
Another big deal for high school seniors is the purchase of a class ring. 
Chuck and I were not going to invest in a class ring for Charles for several reasons...
1.  Charles has never been a ring (or any kind of jewelry) kind of guy
2.  High school rings are too quickly replaced by college/university rings
3.  I honestly didn't think Charles wanted one....

Well, I was (honestly) wrong about #3....

Vivian, Chuck's sister, asked Charles if he'd like to have a high school class ring, and Charles confided in her that he would like to have one.  She came over one evening and approached us about purchasing one for him, and in two years, doing the same for L and MJ.
We discussed this and agreed that if that's what would make everyone happy, it would be fine with us.  Together, Charles and Vivian [and a little bit of my opinion added] designed the ring below.  I think that it is fabulous and says so much about Charles, his high school years, and dreams for the future.
The stone he chose is gold as the MCHS school colors are black and gold.

One side of the ring has a Maltese cross, the firefighters symbol.  Ever since he could walk and talk, Charles has been a firefighter.  He is following in his grand-daddy and daddy's footsteps and that makes us very proud.  He is currently a member of the BFD and the WFD, and hopes to continue his service to the community in the future. 

The other side is the FFA crest.  Charles has been a member of the FFA for all four of his high school years.  He has held several offices and hopes to make farming his vocation.  Another reason for us to be proud!

Today, Charles had to place his order for his cap and gown, graduation announcements and name cards, tassel, and other various souvenir-like items. 
Another chunk of money had to be paid, but like I told him, he's worth it. 

Who knows what the future holds for Charles?  He has big hopes and dreams, and all of them are attainable if he is willing to work.  He is bright and capable and can do and be anything he wants....that I'm sure of.

For now, I will continue to pray for him....for his happiness, for his safety, for ability to make good choices in life, for his future successes, and for him to be the best person he can be.

I love you Charles.


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