Monday, May 30, 2011

The Minute Minute

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Monday Minute

1 - Aside from your armpits, what body part of yours sweats the most?
Usually my chest area....under the girls..

2 - You have two slices of bread. You can add one additional ingredient to make a sandwich, but as much of it as you want. What are you putting on it?
Peanut butter....isn't that the obvious choice??

3 - Can you put your entire fist into your mouth?
Ummmm...I've never tried, but I'm sure I can't.
(No...I'm not trying now either.....)

4 - Open your email. How many emails do you have in your 'Inbox'?
Early this morning when I checked, I had 71....we've been away for the weekend and I'm just now getting around to deleting those I don't care to read...

5 - If an adult male is taken for ransom, is that considered kidnapping?
Who would ever want to take an adult male??  That's worse than taking a are harder to take care of and way more trouble than children....:)  Taking a male for ransom is considered "stupid!"

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Fill-Ins!

FFI we go!

1. This week I finished up my IEP meetings...HOORAY!

2. Hot weather returns.

3. It's all about my children.

4. Let's have some fun in the sun.

5. I demand respect, but I also give it!

6. Heaven's path, it's filled with twists, turns, and sacrifices, but in the end, it's filled with gold.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the MCHS softball banquet, tomorrow my plans include our first tournament as a part of the Carolina Cyclones, and Sunday, I want to come home from Greensboro, work on laundry, and rest!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

We Want to Know Wednesday


1.} What must you do before you go to bed at night?   I read for a little while, set my clock, say my prayers, and then wait for sleep to come....
 2.} What is one thing you must snack on at the theater? I love popcorn and a diet Coke....

3.} Before going on vacation what must you do? Make reservations online through our vacation club!   Before actually leaving home, I work on laundry and we pack at the last minute, make plans for someone to feed the dogs and check the mail, lock the doors, and drive away for a fun, relaxing vacation....
 4.} What is one thing you must do every day? Brush my least twice!

5.} Is there something you do that must be done in a particular order? When I fold clothes, everything goes in a particular place on the den floor where I sit....that way everyone knows where their stack is and they can easily take their clothes to their rooms....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Funk.. :(

What is the world is wrong with me today??
I'm in a terrible funk...
I'm not sad or mad;
I'm just not happy.
I'm not sick or hurting;
I just don't feel well.
I'm not nervous or upset;
I'm just unsettled and uncomfortable.
Oh well....
I'll just try to make it through today and maybe
tomorrow will be better...
...hopefully, anyway...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Man, oh man.....we've had a busy weekend!!

Saturday morning started way early!  Our Sunday school class hosted its second community breakfast.  We started cooking around 6 AM and had our first patrons around 7 AM.  We served sausage, grits, eggs, toast, and pancakes.  Several members delivered 40 or so plates to shut-ins.  The early start was well worth it if for nothing else than those homebound individuals got a hot breakfast and a few of the needy in our town who happened through the doors.

Chuck and I took a short nap after we got home from the church....I guess we're getting old....

Lawren, Ariel, Chuck and I went over to the Mexican restaurant Saturday night, and then Chuck and I ran out to Wal-Mart to pick up a few necessities....

Sunday morning started out getting ready for Sunday school and church, and the covered dish lunch that followed.  All of the food was so many delicious cool salads!

Lawren and MJ had their first practice for their new travel softball team, the Carolina Cyclones!  First tournament is next weekend in Hartsville!  I can hardly wait.

My sweet niece Mary called and talked for a while.  She's struggling with her son and school, but she knows how lucky and fortunate she is in her life.  I'm so proud of her and her mothering instincts.  She is a treasure and I love her and her little family so much.

School is winding down.  EOCs and senior exams are over and I've only a few more IEP meetings to conduct.  I'm ready for a break from school, and evidently, so is everyone else.

Have a wonderful week everyone, and
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Monday Minute

Monday Minute

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1 - Think back as far as you can, what's the first tape, record, etc you remember listening to?
I had some 45s of music for stories and songs of nursery rhymes....that's my earliest memory of listening to music....

2 - What's the first concert you've ever been to, the year and who performed?

I went to see the Doobie Brothers in Myrtle Beach....probably around 1976....first time I ever saw someone smoke pot (but at the time, I didn't know what it was....!)

3 - Ever bleed from your ass?

Getting downright personal, aren't you??

4 - If you went to your Senior Prom and had a date, do you still speak to said person?

I didn't go to either one of my proms....I wanted to go to my senior prom, but things just didn't work out...

5 - Name the one television show that's no longer on the air that could have gone on forever.

Cheers....I wish it was still on....

Meet Me on Monday

Meet Me On Monday


1. What is your favorite bagel flavor?  I love cinnamon raisin bagels with cinnamon cream cheese or toasted with butter....YUM!!

2. If you had an extra $100 right now, what would you spend it on?  I'd spend it on a few new items of clothing for myself.....

3. What is the last thing that you felt guilt about doing?  Saying that I'd spend that extra $100 on myself.... :(
4. Soft serve ice cream or hand dipped?  Hand dipped!  Soft serve is slimy....

5. Are you allergic to anything?  Yep.  I'm allergic to penicillin, sulfer drugs, bee stings, ant bites, mold, mildew, grass, and weeds.....

Sunday, May 22, 2011


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1. what's your favorite rainy day activity?
sleeping late, watching movies, reading books, cooking

2. what time do you go to bed?
Later than I should...usually between 11:00 and 11:30, but I always have intentions to go much earlier...
3. how many magazines do you subscribe to?
5...Weight Watchers, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Reader's Digest, Guideposts, and
Southern Living....and I'm so behind on reading them....
4. did you sell all your belongings because you thought the world was ending yesterday?
No, actually I didn't think too much about it...

5. what's your beauty obsession?
no beauty obsession....just cleanliness...

6. if you could only wear one designer/brand for the rest of your life...what would it be?
I'm not very picky...I just like what's cotton, comfy, and easy to care for....

7. what's your summer must have?
a tan!

8. do you make weekly dinner menus?
No, but I probably should.  Life would be so much easier, but I'm not much of a planner.  We have school meetings, practices, ball games, etc. each afternoon, so sometimes we just have to pick up something on the run....

I've had a wonderful weekend, and I hope all of y'all have too!
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday 9: Rain

1. It's Spring, grilling begins! If you plan a picnic, do you bow out if it rains?  I don't....we send the men to the yard to cook and then when they bring in the meat, we eat in the house...

2. Do you prefer food grilled on a charcoal or gas grill?  Gas...

3. We're at the first grilling picnic. What's your meat order?  BBQ chicken breast, please...

4. What side dishes do you want?  potato salad, slaw, corn on the cob, and rolls

5. Now, where do prefer to eat: at the picnic table or inside?  usually inside

6. You were asked to bring a dish. What do you bring?  a big bowl of homemade potato salad

7. Does it bother you to have citronella candles burning if you are eating or cooking outside?  nope, not a bit! 

8. Does there need to be a pool at the picnic, your choice?  not necessary....we can just hang out in the yard....and turn on the sprinklers for the kids to play in....

Friday, May 20, 2011

Filll in the Blank Friday

1.   People always tell me I look like       my mama....and that's a compliment!

2.  Friends don't let friends    walk around in clothes that are too tight and unflattering...

3.  A sunny day is perfect for     watching softball and enjoying time spent with your family..

4.  My favorite accessory is   my silver cross necklace and the rings that I wear everyday.....

5.  If I could afford it I would     hire someone to come in and clean all of the clutter out of my house..

6.  The cure for boredom is       to sleep....I'm  usually never bored, and when I am, it means that I'm tired so I take a nap:)   .

7.  I am currently "in like" with       plain M&M's , 800 mg Motrin, and Skin so Soft spray bath oil.. . 

Friday Fill-Ins

FFI we go!

1. I see the light at the end of the tunnel...IEP's are almost complete!

2. chicken scratch.

3. They begin so early and end so late!

4. I wish that I'd have met Chuck so many years earlier.

5. This I know: Jesus loves me.
6. How about calling out to the Dairy Dream for dinner.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hanging out here at home, tomorrow my plans include our Sunday school's class community breakfast and Sunday, I want to worship the risen Savior and relax!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We Want to Know Wednesday


{1} If you could choose a Super Power, what would it be?  I would definitely want the ability to fly...maybe just glide through the air...wouldn't that be so peaceful??!
{2} What would be your first frivolous purchase if you were awarded a million dollars tomorrow? (and don't say "that's not a lot of money", it sounds pretentious)  I'd buy each of my three children their own brand new cars....
{3} What would be the hardest current luxury for you to give up?  My computer with internet...
{4} If you were given a choice between being given great wisdom and great wealth, which would you choose?  If I could keep the current wisdom that I possess and would not be struck dumb, I'd choose the great wealth. 
{5} I you were to be stranded on a deserted island for 100 days what 5 THINGS would you pack?  1. pillow  2. quilt   3. source of fire   4. toothbrush & toothpaste  5. notebook & implement for writing

It's Over... :(

Well, MCHS softball season is over for the 2011 year.....
 The Lady Dawgs faced the Nation Ford Falcons for the second game in a best 2 out of 3 series and we lost with a score of 2 - 1.  Congratulations to the Nation Ford team!  Y'all are beasts!!
MCHS Bulldogs are the runners up in 3A
softball team  in the state of SC....

Also, congratulations to the whole Bulldog softball team, and especially to my very own two players....
#2 in the state...MJ and LB
I love y'all and I'm proud of you both!!
Go Bulldogs! softball and MCHS volleyball begin soon.....
stay tuned... :)

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!
Go over to Jamie's blog and tell everyone what you're loving today!

I'm loving that Charles got busy last night and addressed most of his graduation announcements!  It is so hard to believe that he's almost finished with high school....where did the time go?

I'm loving that tonight is the second game pitting the Lady Dawgs against the Nation Ford Falcons.  We've got to win tonight and split the series so we can travel to Columbia on Friday night to play for the state championship at the USC Gamecock softball field.
Go Bulldogs!!

I'm loving my free-spirited, fun-loving students.  They are always so energetic and full of life.  They make my days here at school an adventure!!
Travis, Josh, Tray, Stevenson, D'Andre,
Monica, and Trisheika
And, of course, and as always, I'm loving these four...
Lawren, MJ, Chuck, and Charles...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tribute Tuesday


Janette over at The Johanson Journey sponsors
Tribute Tuesday
each week.  I just checked out her page, and she said that she is running out of people to honor, but since I just found this meme, and I have a lot of special people in my life, I'm going to continue participating....
This week, I'd like to pay tribute to my oldest brother Larry.
Larry was 18 years old and a soldier at Fort Jackson when I was born. Larry has always been a father-figure to me since he is so much older than me.  He was serving in the army at Fort Jackson when I was born!
This is Larry and his sweet wife Gayle...
This picture shows all of his family (minus Christi), including his four grandchildren, John,  Harvey, Victoria, and Law.

Larry has been a member of the Cheraw Rescue Squad since the early 1960's.  He's an active member of St. David's Episcopal Church and heads up the churches' BBQ twice a year.  He was an elementary teacher at Wallace School until he retired a few years ago and had a major influence on many of the students who were educated there. 
Besides all of the above, Larry is a craftsman and a gardener.  He builds beautiful furniture and clocks, and I'm lucky enough to own and treasure a few of his pieces.  Larry also has worked for a florist and makes beautiful arrangements, including all of the flowers for my wedding and my bridal bouquet.  He has an outstanding daylily garden and has even developed a few new varieties himself. 

Larry is a compassionate, selfless person who always thinks of others first.  He has always been the steady rock in our family and I love him so much!

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
What a weekend!  What a Monday!
It was a softball kind of weekend, and even a softball kind of Monday....
but we LOVE it! 
I wouldn't trade these days for anything in the world!

Friday night, the Lady Dawgs traveled to Hartsville to meet up with their arch rivals, the Hartsville Red Foxes.  The Bulldogs had a large fan base and got pumped up and beat the Lady Foxes in a very close and exciting game!  That put us one step closer to Lower State!

Saturday, the MCHS Lady Dawgs had to travel to Murrells Inlet to face the St. James Sharks.  After two games, the Bulldogs were declared the Lower State champions.

Fast forward to Monday....
The team had to travel to Fort Mill (2 hours away!) to play the Nation Ford Falcons!  The weather was miserably rainy :( and their field was squishy and muddy...and their players were beasts!!  After playing five and a half innings in the intermittent rain and falling behind 8 to 1, the game was called.  We fell behind in the best two out of three series. 

We'll meet up again on Wednesday evening here on our home field.
Go Bulldogs!!
Besides softball, there is a little life going on....

I was surprised by this beautiful hydrangea!  The sixth grade teachers from my former school, MEMS, sent it to me as a thank you for helping them tie dye their field day t-shirts.  Of course, as of now, they are not finished.  I've got 60+ t-shirts sitting under my carport waiting to be washed.  Hopefully I'll have time on Tuesday to get them done.

It's time to get these announcements addressed and mailed...

I can hardly believe that this baby....

grew up to become this handsome, caring, hardworking young man....

my son!
I love you Charles and always will.  Continue to strive to meet the goals you have set for yourself.  You'll go far...I just know it!

Meet Me On Monday -- even though it's Tuesday already...

Meet Me On Monday


1.  Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?  I prefer crunchy, but I'm in the minority in my household on that choice...
2.  What is your favorite color Rose?  White roses....
3.  Do you remove your shoes when you walk into your home?  No, I usually wear them until I go to bed at night...
4.  What is your favorite season?  I love summer, with spring and fall close behind...I hate winter and cold weather!!
5.  Approximately how many hours a day do you spend blogging?  Not many...probably 30 minutes or so....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lower State Champions!!

(Go "here" to read all of the details about Saturday's two games.)

The Marlboro County High School Lady Dawgs made it through the loser's bracket (twice) to come out on top of the

Tonight, we will travel to Nation Ford High School in Fort Mill for the first of the best two out of three series to determine the

Good luck girls...

Getting to Know YOU

It has been a while....decided to play along with Keely's Getting to Know You questions!

1. have you ever gone to see a movie by yourself?
Yes, once.  I went to see a Batman movie while all of the girls on the travel softball team went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth.
2. would you rather go through a tornado or a hurricane?
I'd take a hurricane any have more warning time and you can prepare.  Tornadoes come so quickly!

3. have you made summer vacation plans?
We're going to the beach for a week at the first of June for the SCFA convention.  L and MJ are going to Berkeley/SF for three weeks, so I guess I'll have a "stay"-cation at  home while they are gone.

4. what's your favorite accessory?
My favorite fashion accessories are my rings and my necklace....I wear them everyday!

5. have you ever been thrown a surprise party?
No... :(
6. are you friends with your neighbors?
I mean we don't do things together but if we see them out in the yard we generally speak...

7. what's the last movie you saw in the theater?
Chuck and I went to see Water for Elephants.  It was great!!

8. what's your favorite food network show?
We like "The Next Food Network Star" and the challenge shows...
Have a wonderful Monday everyone!!