Monday, May 23, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Man, oh man.....we've had a busy weekend!!

Saturday morning started way early!  Our Sunday school class hosted its second community breakfast.  We started cooking around 6 AM and had our first patrons around 7 AM.  We served sausage, grits, eggs, toast, and pancakes.  Several members delivered 40 or so plates to shut-ins.  The early start was well worth it if for nothing else than those homebound individuals got a hot breakfast and a few of the needy in our town who happened through the doors.

Chuck and I took a short nap after we got home from the church....I guess we're getting old....

Lawren, Ariel, Chuck and I went over to the Mexican restaurant Saturday night, and then Chuck and I ran out to Wal-Mart to pick up a few necessities....

Sunday morning started out getting ready for Sunday school and church, and the covered dish lunch that followed.  All of the food was so many delicious cool salads!

Lawren and MJ had their first practice for their new travel softball team, the Carolina Cyclones!  First tournament is next weekend in Hartsville!  I can hardly wait.

My sweet niece Mary called and talked for a while.  She's struggling with her son and school, but she knows how lucky and fortunate she is in her life.  I'm so proud of her and her mothering instincts.  She is a treasure and I love her and her little family so much.

School is winding down.  EOCs and senior exams are over and I've only a few more IEP meetings to conduct.  I'm ready for a break from school, and evidently, so is everyone else.

Have a wonderful week everyone, and
be sure to go link up with Carissa....I did!

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