Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tribute Tuesday


Janette over at The Johanson Journey sponsors
Tribute Tuesday
each week.  I just checked out her page, and she said that she is running out of people to honor, but since I just found this meme, and I have a lot of special people in my life, I'm going to continue participating....
This week, I'd like to pay tribute to my oldest brother Larry.
Larry was 18 years old and a soldier at Fort Jackson when I was born. Larry has always been a father-figure to me since he is so much older than me.  He was serving in the army at Fort Jackson when I was born!
This is Larry and his sweet wife Gayle...
This picture shows all of his family (minus Christi), including his four grandchildren, John,  Harvey, Victoria, and Law.

Larry has been a member of the Cheraw Rescue Squad since the early 1960's.  He's an active member of St. David's Episcopal Church and heads up the churches' BBQ twice a year.  He was an elementary teacher at Wallace School until he retired a few years ago and had a major influence on many of the students who were educated there. 
Besides all of the above, Larry is a craftsman and a gardener.  He builds beautiful furniture and clocks, and I'm lucky enough to own and treasure a few of his pieces.  Larry also has worked for a florist and makes beautiful arrangements, including all of the flowers for my wedding and my bridal bouquet.  He has an outstanding daylily garden and has even developed a few new varieties himself. 

Larry is a compassionate, selfless person who always thinks of others first.  He has always been the steady rock in our family and I love him so much!

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