Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 18

[Day 18]
Something you regret
I'm linking up with Katie K. for the next month or so for the 30 Day Blog Challenge. 
Wish me, and everyone else who's participating, perseverance and good luck!

(Below is what I would have blogged had yesterday
been the day to tell about "something you regret")

What do I regret?  Hmmmmm....that is a really tough questions.  Like I said a few days ago when I wrote my beliefs, I believe that everything happens for a purpose.  Decisions were made for me before I was able to make them for myself, and if any minute change had been made, my whole life could have been different. 
Sure, there are things that I've done in my life that were probably not the best choice I could have made, but at the time, I made the choice, and my past experiences made me who I am today. 
I guess the bottom line is, I have no regrets.....
The bad things that I have done and the sins that I've committed were forgiven the moment that I sincerely asked Jesus to take them away and wash me clean.

(But now....)
What do I regret?  I'll tell you, I do have a regret....
I hate to be "Debbie Downer," but here goes....
I regret not being by my mama's side when she died.  She had no family with her when she left this earth.  I was the last person in our family to see her alive, and I heard what I now know as the "death rasp," but at the time did not recognize it.  Had I known then what I know now, I would have stayed by her side that night in the nursing home. 
I prayed an intercessory prayer over her that evening, saying "Lord, into Your hand I commit her spirit."  Thank you, Jesus, for giving me the insight to pray on her behalf the last time I was with her....that prayer is something I do not regret, and it  gives me a feeling of peace since I was not with her.  I know she is comfortable now, resting in our Savior's arms, with no more pain or suffering.

(Thank you, Katie, for giving me the opportunity to write about has been 12 years since my mama died, and I've not talked to anyone about this before.  I guess blogging is good for the soul.  Thanks again.) 

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  1. Oh, Jo! ((hugging you now)). I do agree with you, because I too believe that our life has already been planned for us. And once I committed my life to Jesus, everything before that just doesn't matter! :)