Monday, October 11, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Happy Monday y'all! 

We continue to have BEAUTIFUL SC WEATHER....not too hot and not too cold!  The news says it may get a little cooler later in the week, but that will be OK. 
 Hopefully the leaves will start showing more and more color and the scenery will be even prettier!

As much I enjoyed my 3 week intercession, I was glad to get back to the school today. 
I received so many hugs from my students, and gave many too. 
I LOVE my job as a teacher....teaching is what I was meant to do!

On Saturday, our family went to a Driggers' family reunion at Sandy Ocean BBQ.   Chuck's great-great grandparents (pictured below) were J.A. and Kate Driggers, and they were parents to 8 children,
one of whom, Jincey, was Chuck's great-grandmama. 
Anyway, there were 68 descendants in attendance, representing 6 of the 8 children.

I think I'm out of the pumpkins painting business for a while.  I painted 5 on Friday afternoon, and, so far, have no pumpkins here at the house waiting for me.  Here are the last few I worked on.
Mickey Mouse pumpkin....

I painted 2 sunflower pumpkins...

Spongebob pumpkin for Mrs. Diane...
And, speaking of pumpkins....I came across an envelope of pictures that were developed in November of 2002, and could not resist posting them on this blog....

Charles, 9 years old

Mary Jo, 7 years old

Lawren, 7 years old
Aren't they adorable??  I think so anyway!
Again, Happy Monday! 


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