Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday

A lot has happened over the past calendar week....a lot of things that I absolutely LOVE!!!

The kids and I had a quick trip to Georgia/Alabama to be with Josh as he graduated basic training at Ft. Benning.  He is such a great young man.  I love him and am so proud of him.  P.S. ~~ MJ <3's him too!!

I'm loving that I only have four more days of school, and then I'll be out for our three-week fall intercession!

I love, love, love a blog that I found on blogspot....  It has the cutest, most creative photographs I've ever seem...of a precious sleeping baby!  Check it will smile!

Of course, I love these beautiful, sunny days, my studnets and my school, and my three children and my loving husband!


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