Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sept. 1, 2010

Today has been a very interesting day.  I had early morning duty in the commons area and then went on to Mr. Britt's room for 5th grade ELA. We're working on conjunctions, which is a 3rd grade standard, and the kids act like they've never heard of "and, or, & but" before.  We're reading an informational text about volcanoes, so a group of students and I are going to construct a volcano tomorrow.  We'll let it "erupt" on Monday for all of the others to see.  So exciting.....

I went to the 7th grade grade level meeting 2nd period, and once again I was reminded that I am "the hole in the boat."  Hopefully the middle school sp. ed. ELA students will make some gains this's kind of hard when you're so far behind....

Next activity for the day was a conference at MCHS with Coach Boyd and Coach Whitt.  I was uncertain if we would solve the issues at hand, but we had to try.  Practice seemed to go OK today.  Lawren and MJ did not have any complaints.  I've been messaging Brianna about talking to Coach Boyd about rejoining the vb team.  I hope that she'll go and let him know her side of the story.  She could be an effective student leader, and that is definitely needed.

Charles played golf with Luke Rogers  and L and MJ went to Christ UMC for youth this afternoon.  Ron King asked if I would entertain a group of children at FUMC while he met with the group of parents and other young adults, so Charles, Lawren, MJ, and I strung beads with a few little kids and then played in the gym with them while the parents met in the church building.  The children are so cute, and we had a good time being with them.

It's about 10:30 now, and I'm tired.  Got another busy day tomorrow....I've got duty again in the morning....Roger's duty since he did my afternoon duty today.  Tomorrow is the last school day for this week....parent/teacher conferences tomorrow form 4 to 7, and then Fri. morning from 8 - 12 noon.  Probably won't stay for P/T conferences tomorrow because the MCHS vb team has a match in Rockingham.  I want to be there for that!  Football game Friday night in Laurinburg.  I'm sure the children will want to go to that...

Anyway, good night...I need my "beauty sleep"~~


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