Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday, Sept. 16, 2010

Good Thursday morning!  Hope everyone has started their day off with a good strong cup of coffee and a few kind words.....I have early duty, so I try to start my day saying "Good morning," "Have a good day," etc.  Talking to the students always makes me feel better, so hopefully it helps them start their day on a positive note too.

I've got several meetings to go to today at school, so I've got to be prepared for those.  Also, we are supposed to have a visitor from the office of sp. services....HOORAY....can't wait for her (not).

L and MJ play vb this afternoon against Crestwood (Sumter) at MCHS.  I hope our coach doesn't hand Crestwood a match or two on a silver platter like she did yesterday with Cheraw.  Note to self:  hang on, things will get better..

Parent/Teacher conferences tonight at MCHS.  Chuck told me last night that the kids grades are not great in some classes.  I guess I'll go visit their teachers after the vb match....I've already promised "LOCK DOWN" if I don't like what I find (which is usually more punishment to me than to them)...

Well, again, hope everyone has a terrific Thursday....more later!


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