Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday, Sept. 23, 2010

Good Thursday afternoon....hope it's been a good one so far!

I got to sleep in again this morning.  Dozed until around 11:00 and then got up.  I've checked out Facebook, my blog, and my 101 list.  Finally jumped into the shower and got dressed.  Had to hurry because I'm waiting on the FedEx man to bring L and MJ's new phones. 

Charles is being very impatient because he's ready for me to come pick him up from school and go shopping in Florence.  He wants to go buy some Carhartt pants and some new boots.  I'll admit, he needs both, but he just needs to wait until I get there.  School is important, and he cannot miss too many days in any class.

L and MJ have been texting asking about getting black t-shirts to spray paint for the pep rally tomorrow.   They and a group of friends want to paint a different letter on each shirt to spell out something....I've not been given that info. yet..  Anyway, I'm hoping that they won't rush the project and will wait to do it as a group for homecoming week, which is next week.
Class of 2013....
MCHS plays Dillon tomorrow night at home, and we'll have Post Game on Main afterwards.  Tomorrow will be a long day....but that's OK, as long as it's for the kids.  They are worth my every minute of every day!

Well, probably more to come later, but for now...still waiting for the FedEx man.....


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