Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blogging Thru the Alphabet - B

Every day or so, I’m going to blog about things, people, ideas, concepts, places, etc. that start with a different letter of the alphabet. The letter for today is B….

beagles - my all time favorite dog breed

Growing up in Cheraw, we always had two beagles, Pete and Sam.  When something happened to them, we got two more, Pete and Sam.  We had others too....Martha, PD, and Marty.  All of them were good, sweet dogs who brought our family a lot of pet pleasure.

After moving to Bennettsville, I continued to have beagles as pets.  The first, and probably the best dog ever, was Pal, a beagle-mix.  We got her from an abandoned barn out in Wallace when L and MJ were around 4 years old.  Pal was a loyal, constant companion for all three children up until the day she died.  She went with them wherever they went here in the neighborhood.  Everyone knew her, and grew to love her.  She was definitely considered a member of our family and will always be remembered and missed.

Over the past few years, our home has been a refuge for reject beagles.  What I mean by reject beagles is that hunters don't want beagles who won't chase rabbits, so we've had several who have come to live with us...Spanky, Little Bit, Lemon, and a brief lay-over by Copper.   That's OK though, they are welcome here!


Call them what you may, but Birkenstock shoes, clogs, and sandals are the most comfortable shoes ever made.  I probably have 15 or so pairs, and wear them year-round.


When Chuck and I bought our house, we dug up a few blueberry bush sprigs from underneath Larry's blueberry bushes and planted them along the sunny fence line in our back yard.  The bushes are now over 6 feet tall and produce quarts and quarts of fat, sweet blueberries each summer.  I've used them to make pies, cobblers, jams, pancakes, muffins, and salads.  We've eaten them by the handfuls and on morning bowls of cereal.  I've even bagged and frozen the berries for later use....just think about a warm blueberry cobbler on a cold winter night....YUM!

Bath and Body Works

Oh my goodness! B&BW is the best store ever!! Lawren, MJ and I have to limit our visits because we spend way too much money every time we go there. Lawren's favorite scents of late are a part of the summer vanilla collection, White Citrus, and Mandarin Mango. Mary Jo is Sweet Pea and Cherry Blossom kind of girl, preferring the more floral scents. Personally, I prefer Sea Island Cotton, Dancing Waters, Rain Kissed Leaves, and Orange Sapphire.  Really though, in our opinion, all of their products, lotions, creams, sprays, soaps, etc. are super!

Well, that's B....two down, 24 to go!

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