Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday 6 - Sept. 18, 2010

  • I got a new phone...finally.  We went to Darlington yesterday afternoon to the Verizon store, and Evan, our competent representative, helped me choose a Samsung Intensity.  It's just a simple phone that I can use to make calls and text....just what I needed and wanted.

  • Charles spent the night with a friend last night so they could get up early this morning to go deer hunting.  He came home just a little while ago and told me that no one killed anything.....that's fine with me...he had fun though.

  • I have a ton of laundry to work on.  I've already washed and dried three loads, have probably have at least three more to go.... :(

  • Today is Deanna's 20th birthday and L and MJ have gone to McColl to a party for her.  Happy Birthday.  I love you!

  • I only have two more days of school until I'm out for our three-week intercession.  HOORAY!!!  I cannot wait to get a little extra, much-needed rest.  Hopefully I'll be able to accomplish a little here around the house too....straightening, cleaning, organizing, etc.

  • Chuck is teaching this weekend for the SCFA in Florence...HazMat Tech.  He got finished early today and is home now, so after he rests a little, maybe he and I can have a date-night!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Everyone have a SUPER SATURDAY!!

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