Monday, September 13, 2010

Miscellany Monday - Sept. 13, 2010

Well, it's Monday again...but that's OK.  I had a super long weekend (Thurs. - Sun.) so I was ready to get back to school and a routine.

Here are my miscellaneous thoughts for the second Monday in September...

I am so, so glad that we decided to go to Ft. Benning for Josh's graduation.  It was a super long, quick trip, but I don't regret a minute or a dollar of it. 

None of us has anything planned for this evening, and I'm so thankful.  I am going to go home after my cluster meeting and cook supper so we can sit down as a family to eat tonight. 

Only six (6) more days of school until we have our fall intercession.  The only reason I know the number of days is because someone told me this morning.....I'm not a counter, so I had no idea that it was coming up this soon.

MJ and I were looking through pictures last night and found some really funny ones of all three children.  The picture below is of Lawren, Kasey, and Mary Jo in Florence.  We went to the movies and to an arcade at the mall....I can remember that day like it was yesterday....where has the time gone??

That's all that I can think of for right now....will probably think of something that I want to add as soon as I click "publish post" though....that'll be just my luck...

Have a marvelous Monday!


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