Monday, September 13, 2010

Love You Forever

Love You Forever
written by Robert Munsch
illustrated by Sheila McGraw

Without a doubt, this is the sweetest book ever written.  I just found our copy, so worn and loved, on the bookshelf in the girls' room.  I'd written Charles' name and the date that he received the book, October 1994, inside the front cover. 

I remember reading this story to him and choking up every time.  I could imagine him doing some of the same things that the boy did as a baby...pulling books from the shelves, and taking the food out of the refrigerator...and he did do those things, and I loved him.

When Charles got a little older, he continued on the same path as the boy in the story.  He never wanted to come in for dinner and never wanted to take a bath....and I loved him.

Now as a teenager, he has grown into the size of a man, but he is still my baby, and will aways be.

When he leaves home, will I drive to his house, climb into his room and pick him up, rock him back and forth, and sing?  Probably not....but I will love him forever, just like the mama in the story.

And one day, when I am very old and sick, hopefully he will come to me and sing,
"I'll love you forever.
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
my Mommy you'll be."

And maybe, just maybe, someday he will be a daddy himself,
and he will sing to and love his baby like I've loved him.

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