Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blogging Thru the Alphabet - C

Every day or so, I’m going to blog about things, people, ideas, concepts, places, etc. that start with a different letter of the alphabet. The letter for today is C….

Chuck - my husband
Chuck and I met in an arranged meeting around Thanksgiving of 1990 at Frank and Aileen's house.  We've been together ever since!! 

Chuck has so many wonderful attributes including being a good daddy to our three children, a wonderful teacher, a fair assistant principal, and a loving husband.  He is a brave, knowledgeable firefighter and instructor for the SCFA.  He's also an adult Sunday school teacher and usher at FUMC.   He coached football for 20 years at the high school level and was a positive role model for his players.

I'm proud to say that he's my soul mate, my life partner, my husband....and I love you!

Charles - my son
When Charles was born in August of 1993, life changed forever!  He is a wonderful person who is well-rounded and interested in many, many things. 

It is so hard to believe that he's a senior in high school this only 17.  He wants to leave home after graduation and go off to school, and with God's help, he'll mature enough and will be ready for that huge step.If not, he's got plenty of time to make a life for himself.

Charles, I'm very proud of you and all that you've accomplished in your short life.  Keep pushing ahead, and always do your best.  You will go far.  I love you, son!

Cheraw - my hometown
Cheraw, also known as "The Prettiest Town in Dixie." was a picture-perfect town to grow up in.  Everyone knew everyone else and looked after one another.  It was a safe, friendly, beautiful town and I would not trade my childhood years there for anything in the world.

Caramel Frappe
OMG...what can I say about McDonald's caramel frappe except YUM!!  They are probably full of sugar, caffeine, chemicals, and fat, but I LOVE THEM!!!

Communication and Cooperation
Life for everyone would be so much sweeter if there were effective communication and cooperation between groups of people.  When people fail to communicate with each other efficiently and effectively, many times cooperation goes out the window.  I get so aggravated when others think that I'm a mind reader and automatically know what they are thinking....FYI - I failed that class!  Just tell me what I need to know, and answer the questions that I ask, please.  Let's talk things out and come to an agreement to settle problems.   Also, let's all just get along with one another.  Don't argue for the sake of argument.  Don't intentionally stand in the way of others' progress.  A lot more can be accomplished with cooperation.

Yes, I follow in a long line of cooks in my family.  My mama was a great cook as was my grandmama, Neenie.  I enjoy cooking, but hate to follow recipes and measure!  I'd much rather read a recipe, and then make it my own.  I'm a "substituter" and an "approximater" when cooking.  Chuck has laughingly said that if I ever cook by a recipe, you may as well get out the pimento cheese and bread because whatever I made will not be fit to eat!!  He's also said that if you like something that I cook, you better enjoy it because I will never be able to make it exactly like that again!  He's about right, but he hardly ever turns down anything that I cook either!

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