Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for the beautiful, sunny South Carolina weather.  I heard several people today complaining about the heat, but before long, they'll all be complaining about the cold.  Personally, I love hot weather, but am also looking forward to cooler fall temps!
I'm thankful that Charles and I had a successful shopping trip today to Florence and he got some clothes and boots that he wanted.  Hopefully he's set for at least the next few months.

 I'm thankful that L and MJ's new phones came in today....if they had not, I would have probably lost my religion....

I'm thankful that I'm patient and flexible enough to just go with the flow....

I'm thankful  that our church sponsors "Post Game on Main" after the home BULLDOG football games, and teenagers have a safe, supervised place to go and hang out.

I'm most thankful that for this week, with God's help, I've had the strength and willpower to make good, healthful choices, and I'm back on the right track.

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