Thursday, November 25, 2010


We've had a very nice Thanksgiving day....
We all slept in and then I made a good, hot Southern breakfast of bacon, sausage, grits, scrambled eggs, and toast.  After breakfast, Charles and I got buy preparing for the evening's Thanksgiving meal.

I talked with Charles and walked him through the preparation of the turkey and dressing.  He was very willing and excited about learning how to cook these Thanksgiving items.

We went out to Bethel UMC for supper with Beulah's side of the family.  There was so much good food......and the desserts...YUM! 

Charles has now gone out to Wes' house, and L and MJ have ridden off with Scott for a while.  Chuck and I are enjoying our quiet time here at home....well Chuck is laying on the couch snoring away....

Over the past week or so, it seems that everywhere you look, someone is writing about what they are thankful for.  Here's a little excerpt from today's Upper Room.....

"We have so much to give thanks for that we cannot possibly name it all.  But when we pause to acknowledge the giver of all these good gifts, a real spirit of thanksgiving rises within us.  When we view our many blessings in light of our relationship with God, life takes on a true sense of wholeness, and giving thanks becomes more than a holiday tradition.  It becomes our natural response to God who, in infinite love, has given us all that is good in our lives."


  1. Happy Thanksgiving from India to the Black family :)

  2. Hello from a new follower who has hopped over from Java's hop. I am delighted to meet you and your family and am about to explore your lovely blog.