Monday, November 1, 2010

Day Zero Project - 101 in 1001

I've marked yet another item off of my Day Zero Project list....

74. Purge "extra sock" basket
The socks in this basket have been accumulating for years....
You know there is always a orphan sock or two when
the laundry comes out of the dryer!
Yesterday afternoon, I took time to go through the socks in the
basket and match up any that could even remotely pass as the same...
and then dumped the rest!
I never thought that an empty clothes basket could make me
feel like a winner!!!  YAY ME!!!


  1. Because you ARE a winner, Jo! :) yay!
    And where Do those extra orphaned socks go to? The sock elf...

  2. DH and I were just thinking about doing the exact same thing. Somehow the singles get put away hoping the patner will show up, but I'm thinking it may be time to face reality - no partner exists. Somehow one has disapeared into oblivion and it is time to accept that ; )