Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Mayhem - All About Orange

Join Us for Monday Mayhem
Welcome to Monday Mayhem.
In celebration of the fall colors, today's meme is all about the color orange.
For each prompt, answer with something orange.
Have fun!!

1. What is your favorite orange colored thing on the planet?  Mandarin oranges....yummy!
2. Ever see an orange person?  Yep, faux-tan gone wrong.. :)

3. Name something that you hate that is orange.  I strongly dislike hair that is dyed fake!!

4. What is your favorite sports team that uses the color orange?  Clemson Tigers!!
5. Name an orange food.  sweet potatoes
6. Tell us something funny that entails an orange (like a joke or image).

7. When is the last time you ate an orange?  We had oranges at school, so it was about a week or so ago.

8. What's your opinion about pulp- does it belong in juice or should it be removed?  No pulp in the juice is my preference.

9. Name an orange piece of your wardrobe.  See a previous post or below for a picture of my orange Halloween t-shirt!!

10. Orange you glad we didn't say banana?  So glad.... :))

Thanks for playing! 
Have a great week!

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