Monday, November 8, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Happy Monday all....
hope it has been a good one for everyone.

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Miscellany Monday.

I'm a single mama....for a few days anyway.  Chuck is at the beach with the SC Incident Management Team preparing for the World Combat Challenge.  This is a firefighter competition that will bring about 800 firefighters to SC for fire and rescue competition.  I'm so proud of Chuck for his efforts in the state fire business, but I sure do miss him when he's gone.

I unexpectedly announced during Sunday school yesterday that I was going to revive the Advent Fair that we used to hold each Christmas season at our church.  We will have the Hanging of the Greens on Nov. 28, which is the first Sunday in Advent. The fair will be that afternoon, and hopefully we can have meaningful activities for both children and adults, followed by a church supper and caroling.  I'm very excited to get this project started!

I guess MJ is keeping the tiny puppy she found, much to my dismay.  Welcome to the family Izzy....sigh...

Switching back to Eastern Standard Time from Daylight Savings Time has thrown me for a loop!  I love waking up and driving to school in the sunlight, but I do not like the sun setting so early!  It is pitch black dark outside now, and it is only a little after 6 pm.

I'm really sad that the 30 Day Blog Challenge is ending tomorrow.  I've so enjoyed keeping up with the daily posts and reading what all of my blogger friends have been writing about.  Thanks Katie K. for hosting the challenge.  It has been so much fun!

Chuck and I went to the Hallmark ornament preview and VIP Open House Friday night and bought a lot of ornaments, both for our family and to give as Christmas gifts.  We love shopping for Hallmark ornaments and always spend WAY TOO MUCH money....each one is worth every cent of the cost though....!!

Monday is about in the books for this week....we're one step closer to Friday and the weekend!  If need be, tie a knot and hold on y'all!!


  1. Oh i'm sad it's ending, too! So not fun...but I'm glad I met you! :)
    And, may I ask a stupid question, Jo? What is advent? This makes me curious....
    I've missed you! I've been such a slacker..but a busy slacker! haha.

  2. Advent is celebrated in the Methodist church (probably other churches too, but I'm Methodist...) for the four weeks before Christmas. It is a time when you prepare your heart for the birth of Christ.
    Thanks for asking, and I'm glad that I met you too!