Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Blessing Box

I'm linking up with Natalie for this weeks edition of
The Blessing Box....

This week, I feel blessed in so many ways....here are a few:

I'm so thankful that little Izzy has learned to use the pee-pee pads....that is such a relief, and so much more sanitary!!  Way to go Iz....!
 I'm blessed to have a strong husband who loves me, even on days when
I'm totally UN-lovable.
I'm thankful that I've secured a little after school job with the 21st Century grant program at our school.  I have to help 2 groups of kids with their homework on Tuesday afternoons for two hours, and that's a quick $50.  Can't beat that with Christmas
just around the corner!
I'm blessed when I see smiles on the faces of 25 little first graders
 when I walk into their classroom!

I'm thankful that next week is Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday!  I'm cooking the turkey, dressing, and gravy for the Creech family.  I'm also looking forward to a
few days off from school....
There are innumerable things that I'm thankful for but there is no way that I can list everything....suffice it to say, I am blessed!

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