Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Welcome to another edition of
Miscellany Monday....
(one of my fav memes)

What a glorious Easter day we had yesterday!  Praise God that he stone was rolled back and our Savior, Jesus Christ, is alive!

I am very happy with the way our Easter pics turned out this year.  They are so colorful...and everyone cooperated!  We usually end up with at least one with arms crossed and a lip poked out by the end of the session....

This is the first official day of spring break.  There are lots of projects that I'd like to work on, but right now, my body, mind, and spirit are saying, "Let's rest a while...."

Lawren took a notion yesterday to make Puppy Chow.  She said that she'd had it on her mind for a while and decided to run to the store and pick up the ingredients.  The end product of her effort was DELICIOUS!!
(Go "here" for a link to the recipe she used...)

We have a big softball week in the making....
The girls have practice on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then the first play-off game is Thursday evening at 6:00 against Hilton Head.  They will also play on Saturday, but as of yet, we don't know the opponent.  Everybody wish the Lady Dawgs good luck....their team is certainly made up of state championship-quality athletes!

Be sure to go link up with Carissa....I did!

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