Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We Want to Know Wednesday

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{1} Who would you call if you had to get bailed out of jail?  I'd have to call Chuck...he's probably the only one who would come and get me out!  Yea, he loves me like that :)

{2} If you were a superhero what would your hero name be?  I'd be "Super JoMama".

{3} What do you think is one of your best qualities?  One of my best qualities is that I have a good rapport with kids and teenagers....I speak frankly with them and tell the it or not.

{4} What song would you pick to be your own personal theme song?  "Life's a Dance," by John Michael Montgomery...

{5} What celebrity do you think is most over rated?  Charlie Sheen!


  1. I can go with Charlie Sheen being over rated.
    Good rapport with kids and teens is a great quality!

  2. Charlie Sheen...WINNING! *gag*

    I have a little favor to ask you…when linking up to any of my link parties I ask people to link to their actual post for that party. NOT just the url to your blog. Your url to your blog looks like this:

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    I spend a lot of time correcting links that I would rather spend reading and commenting on blogs so I would super appreciate it if you could do this one little thing for me.

    I fixed your link for this week (did it last week too), so if you could just remember for next time that would be great!!

    Thanks for understanding!

  3. And what would your super power be Super JoMama?

  4. that's so great that you have a good rapport with young people...they are the ones who need the frank conversations the most! and i bet they appreciate your honesty. i know i would!! and i'm with you on charlie sheen...i can't believe how much press he gets for being a lost cause.

  5. Have you checked out my meme? If not, come take a stab at the questions: