Friday, July 8, 2011

One word you don't want to hear when you are getting a haircut....


Charles came in all nasty, hot, and sweaty from working Salkehatchie Wednesday afternoon and insisted he needed a haircut.  I sent him to the bathroom to dry his hair with a towel, and then he came back to the kitchen for his shearing....

Everything was going along fine......until the guard fell off the clippers and I didn't realize it!!
All I could say was, "OMG!  I'm so sorry!"

Well after my profuse apologies (and blaming him for not clicking the guard on correctly), we had a little fun....

 How do you like the "reverse Mohawk?"
 I cut his hair so he'd look like his daddy!
 But this is how it finally ended up....we really had no other choice!
He was a very good sport about the whole situation....but said that maybe I needed to take a break from my haircutting duties for a while.
(It is going to be a while until he needs another haircut, don't you think??)

Sorry again, Charles....

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  1. oh my goodness...I would have had a heart attack! ;)