Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday 9: The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Saturday 9: The Devil Went Down to Georgia

1. Do you believe in the concept of the devil? Yes!

2. What's your favorite nickname that you're called?  JoMama

3. What would you do if someone cheated on you?  Kick them to the curb....

4. Do you ever cry at a movie?  Not often....

5. Have you got “a ball & chain” or are you single? Are you happy with your status?  Yes, I'm happily married.... :)

6. Who do you got to for advice?  Usually no one....I just try to think about things, wait a while, and then decide for myself what is best.

7. When was the last time someone yelled at you?  It has been a while....

8. When was the last time you spoke with someone that you met online?  I haven't met anyone new online, so I guess never....

9. Where did you go on your honeymoon? OR Where would you like to go on your honeymoon?  Chuck and I went to the Isle of Palms and was so wonderful!

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