Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Surprise Bedroom Make-Over

When Lawren and Mary Jo were in California for three weeks, I decided to do a
"While You Were Out" make-over in their bedroom.....

There was absolutely NO WAY that I would have taken pictures of the "before" condition of their room.....the health dept. would have immediately come in and shut us down :) !!
Take a look at the after pictures below. 

 Mary Jo's side of the room.  I purchased dry-erase, magnetized boards to hang their drawings on.  I also had to find a replacement "J" for her monogram....it was tough, but finally we located a "U" and Larry trimmed it up for us...
Lawren's bed, monogram, board, and SF pictures. 
 This is Lawren's dresser.  They used to share it when they were little and all of their clothes would easily fit into the drawers.  I also got the fabric from Hobby Lobby and made a valance for their window.  The cloth had all of the colors of their new comforters.
Mary Jo's dresser, complete with new drawer pulls.  I painted it white (it was hot pink) and also spray painted her bed white too!

After so many years playing softball, soccer, basketball, and volleyball, the girls' bedroom was overrun with trophies.  Most are contained on a shelf above their closet, but the ones that are too tall are housed on the shelf that runs along the front wall with the shuttered windows.
I also had to find a storage place for all of their sports and academic award ribbons.  A pewter 3M Command hook proved to be ideal!
The room is equally divided so that each girl has her own space. 

Lawren had been begging for years for a desk for her room.  This desk is a matching piece to the dresser, both part of the bedroom suit that my mama bought me when I was
six years old.

The girls were pleasantly surprised and pleased with the make-over in their room.  They've not even complained too much about all of the cleaning, donating, and purging that I did while they were gone.

It was a pleasure to complete this project, all on my own, for my girls....
I just love them so much!!!

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