Thursday, July 14, 2011

L and MJ's Cali Trip - Final Installment

So Lawren and Mary Jo are back in Bennettsville now, and I'm just now catching up with chronicling their adventure.  These pictures cover the last ten days of their stay
in the Bay Area....

July 4, 2011
Tour of SF on an open-top
double decker bus....

Lawren and Mary Jo....on top of the bus!

July 5, 2011
The girls with Gary in Golden Gate Park...
the Conservatory of Flowers
MJ was very impressed because, in her words,
"There was a whole room full of poisonous and deadly plants!"

Concrete Slides at GG Park
Chandler has lived in the area for years and
had not heard of this attraction...

Japanese Tea Garden at GG Park

Enjoying (?) Japanese food.... :)

July 6, 2011
Touring the Jelly Belly Factory

The caption from Chan and Gary said,
"New jobs for Mary Jo and Lawren."
July 7, 2011
Walking the Golden Gate Bridge

The Palace of Fine Arts
Picante Mexican Restaurant
Chan and Gary's camera was not working on July 8 - 9.  On the 8th, L and MJ went to the mall in San Bruno, and on the 9th, they all went to the SF Giants game.  The Giants played the Mets and won 3-2.

July 10, 2001
Discovery Kingdom
July 11, 2011
Waiting for the ferry to Alcatraz
Alcatraz Island
July 12, 2011
Last night on the town....

Lawren at the Cheesecake Factory

MJ at the Cheesecake Factory....
but she ate no cheesecake!!
July 13, 2011
Good-bye at the airport in SF
I was overjoyed to see Lawren and Mary Jo step out of the corridor in the airport in Charlotte!  They talked the whole way home, telling me and their daddy about their west coast adventure.

I'm glad that they had this opportunity, but I'll tell the will be a loooooong time before they leave for three weeks again....I missed them too much!

Welcome home babies....ILY both very much!

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