Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday's Music Moves Me

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Monday's Music Moves Me
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Here at school, we've been talking about fire prevention and drawing posters for the 2011 4-H Fire Safety contest.  The theme for this years contest is "Protect Your Family From Fire."  You can go "here" to see some of the posters my students have completed...

Since I live with two firefighters (my husband and son) and have fire, fire department and fire safety on my mind most every day, I decided to post some songs related to my guys, and some just plain fun fire songs in general....
Hope you ENJOY!!


  1. I have so much respect for you, and your husband & son. You have two special guys there! Great songs, great picks. Thank you so much for playin' along, and sharing with us these songs, and your feelings. Hugzzzzzz Big HUG! Thank you!

  2. My son is doing the fire prevention safety in school right now too.
    I plan on doing fire drills with them soon.

    They are 6 and 4 :)

    Salute to your men.

    P.s There is a captcha on your comments

    Great song choices!

  3. Princess Nagger's school did their fire prevention week last week - love that they're getting educated so young! :) And how cool you have a fire family! ;) Love all your choices! :)

    God Gave Me You, my Gym Class Heroes who were like Deer In The Headlights at Baggage Claim