Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's OK Thursday

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It's OK

It's OK.... be sad about the loss of exotic animal-life in Ohio.  The news reports and pictures of the aftermath are horrific! let all of my students participate in the 4-H Fire Safety Poster Contest.  Even though they high school-age students, they don't academically perform on a high school level.  Their ranges of abilities are as different as their ranges of  artistic abilities. follow the rules and be consistent....and want others to do the same! be ecstatic that regular season varsity volleyball is over.  The first round of playoffs is Oct.27 in Chapin, and honestly, that will probably be the only playoff game the Lady Dawgs play. hear thru the grapevine that the Carolina Cyclones will cease to exist after this season ends.  Lawren and MJ were probably not going to continue to participate in showcase softball anyway... thank Jesus that all is well with my sweet niece and her husband's little one.  Prayers were once again answered.

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