Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday's Music Moves Me


This week's theme is "Animal Songs," and the first song that came to my mind (don't ask me why...) was "Puff the Magic Dragon" by Peter, Paul and Mary...

And then, OMG...while searching for "Puff" I found "The Unicorn Song!"  This song was popular when I was in the first grade...and I had the 45!  Who remembers those??

Then came third grade and the Three Dog Night!

And finally, the song that my students want to hear EVERYDAY thanks to "The Lion King."  I think I was in about the first grade for this one too....1968 must have been a good year for animal songs!!

(Go link up with Xmas Dolly and share your favorite animal songs.)


  1. Very fun choices!

    Thank you for rocking with us today :)


  2. Puff the magic dragon made me laugh my arse off!!!

  3. Puff the Magic Dragon was one of my childhood favorites. Unfortunately, I do remember 45s. Oh that so dates me! =D I don't recall the Unicorn Song, though. Of course, I'm a fan of Three Dog Night so I'm well familar with all of their songs and who can forget The Lion Sleeps Tonight. What fun selections you came up with!

    The Lamb, The Spaarrow, and Butterfly Kisses

    Have a good day!
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