Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

I'm having a hard time coming up with
"It's OK" Thursday
statements today....

It's OK....

..for MJ to believe that she and her bf are "taking a temporary break" from each other.  I've used that line myself and I know what it means. take four Pepcid AC's in a 24-hour period....isn't it? be overjoyed that I have a meeting scheduled for 12:30 today to dismiss one of my former students.  He no longer qualifies for services, and that is a good thing!

..for me not to go to the volleyball match in Latta this afternoon.  Hopefully they will win, even without me there to cheer them on. plan for just leftovers for supper tonight.  I've cooked for the past three nights in a row so we have plenty of food in the refrig we can heat up. be sad that Charles loves to hunt...I feel so sorry for the innocent animals who are gunned down while they are just hanging out in the woods.
(Yes, I understand survival of the fittest, thinning out the herd/flock, etc., but still, I'm sad...) love my job/career so much!  My students are very spirited and try so hard to be academically successful!  I'm super proud of all of them!!
(Well, that wasn't so bad after all....go link up with Amber and Neely and tell everyone what you think is OK!)

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