Monday, October 3, 2011

Meet Me on Monday

Meet Me On Monday

1.  I can't stand when someone steals or lies!!!

2.  Do you do daily, weekly or monthly grocery shopping?  I shop for groceries when I need them, and sometimes that's every day!

3.  What kind of car do you drive?  I drive a 2006 Mercury Mariner (when I have the opportunity to drive...the girls drive it mostly!).

4.  Crunchy or soft tacos?  Soft!  Crunchy is not for me!!

5.  What's the habit you are proudest of breaking?  Well I was proud of not biting my fingernails, but in the past few days, I've bitten them all off!  :(  I'm hoping it was just a stress thing and they will grow back out again soon....

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