Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WTF - Wednesday

Rating your life and covering your toilet paper
1) Veterinarians always say people should not feed their leftover food to their pets, but one of my dogs has eaten people food for his entire 16 years of life and has no health issues. Do you feel it's okay to feed people food to pets or should you always follow the vet's instructions?  Our dogs occasionally snack on people food...Pippi loves potato chips and pasta salad....and carrots....and orka...and bologna, etc.

2) Have you ever become addicted to a game (of any sort)? If so, what was it?  I wouldn't say addicted, but I do love to play computer games every now and then...

3) This week is World Breastfeeding Week. Should women be able to breastfeed in public places (assuming their covered up)?  YES....there is nothing like the calmness and contentedness of nursing your baby....

4) It is National Clown Week. Because of my ex-husband, clowns freak me out. Have clowns ever scared you?  Nope, never been afraid of clowns...

5) If you became a spy and could pick anyone (living or dead, real or fictional) as your partner, who would it be?  I'd choose my Mama....she was a wonderful spy! It was amazing some of the info she could find out.

6) Last week my boyfriend told me this, "I get life philosophy from pop culture." Where do you (or did you) get the majority of your life philosophy?  I got it from my mama.... :)

7) My local newspaper did a story over the weekend about stories taxi cab drivers hear while driving passengers. It was a "taxi cab confessions" type story. Have you ever had a deep conversation with a cab driver?  No, because I've never ridden in a taxi.  We live in a small rural town where there are no taxi service.

8) Cottonelle has introduced a toilet paper cover. (Watch a TV commercial here.) Do you think toilet paper should be hidden or is it okay for people to see it "naked" in your bathroom?  It's perfectly OK to display your one wants to take time to play hide and seek with the tissue!!!

9) The Food Network's show "Meat & Potatoes" is rated "M" for "Meat." Many movies are rated "PG" for "Parental Guidance." Some video games are rated "E" for "Everyone." What is your life rated?   My life would be rated "MOT" for Mama of Teenagers...

10) What was a quick decision you once made that changed your life?  I made the decision to kick my first husband life changed for the better immediately!

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  1. Man, my life got better immediately when I kicked out my ex-husband too, but that wasn't a quick decision. It was something I had been planning for weeks and had a minute-by-minute plan for how to do it. It took a lot of planning and accomplices (and legal action) to get that abuser away from me

    I love what you said about no one wanting to play hide and seek with your toilet paper. That's exactly what my reaction was

  2. I like your answer to #9. Happy Wednesday!

  3. Your mama sounds amazing! A spy and a philosopher, and now you are probably the same kind of mom with those teenagers!