Monday, August 22, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Our weekend was great!  I got to sleep late (really late) on Saturday, and then Chuck and I went out for supper.  On Sunday, L and MJ played softball in Hartsville.  When we got home from the tournament, I ran to the grocery store and then cooked baked spaghetti....and it was yummy!  I could definitely get used to laid back weekends like this since we are back into the groove of school and everything that goes along with a busy schedule.

Speaking of far I'm having fun!  I do have five back-to-back classes, but my largest class has only 10 students.  I can live with that....
Bath Fitters comes today to redo Chuck's bathroom.  I am super excited for his to be done because that means my bathroom will be reworked next!

I love to hear the rain fall on our new metal roof.  We had a thunderstorm last night and the sounds of the drops hitting the top of the house was sooo soothing.

I have a special education meeting at the school district office tomorrow afternoon right after school, so I have to ask Mom Lawren and Mary Jo to let me use my car....hopefully there won't be any cross-eyed glares or pouty lips and I can go to my meeting with my sanity intact...

I had to have the "blood is thicker than water" talk AGAIN last night.  It seems that MJ's bf and Charles are not getting along because Charles tells the truth about things and some people consider that "snitching."  Well, as I told MJ, Charles is your brother, and your family will be there for you long after others learn to get along together or we'll curtail activities with those who cannot....
(She says everything is OK now...)

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