Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

 Head over to Lauren's to join us for Fill in the Blank Friday!!  
(better late than never....)

1.   I feel happy when       I'm watching my daughters play softball....I realize that Charles will finish high school in just a few months....when I think about how blessed I am to have a wonderful family....   .

2.  I get silly when    I am around my children's friends.....they bring out the kid in me sometimes!

3.  Something that makes me sad is       when I think about how much I miss my mama and how I never had the opportunity to get to know my daddy before he died.....I follow the sadness up with joy because I know I will see them again one day though.... .

4.  Something that makes me annoyed is   the sound of people who chewing ice cubes!  GRRRR....I also get annoyed when my husband "flips" channels during commercials too...    .

5.  A time that I've been truly surprised was        when I was strong enough to finally end a bad relationship....I actually surprised myself for just doing it so quickly and firmly....I'm definitely non-confrontational, so it was a big step  .

6.  I am so thankful for        my husband and my children, my job, and that Jesus died on the cross to save me from my sins....    .

7.  I feel loved when       I am spending time with Chuck and the children....we don't always get along, so when we are cooperating, it is really special....five strong-willed people (with 3 being teenagers) are bound to have disagreements every now and then, but we're still family and committed to one another..

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