Monday, December 27, 2010

Miscellany Monday

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Miscellany Monday.

We got SNOW!!  For normally sunny SC, we got a lot!  The children had a ball playing outside yesterday, making a snowman and snowcream.  They've had so much FUN!

Because of the snow on Sunday, I had to postpone my family gathering.  I was really sad because I was so looking forward to seeing everyone, but we're going to try again next Sunday afternoon.  I can hardly wait to see everyone!

Josh brought MJ a puppy for Christmas.  She was a mixed breed, two month old precious baby....a big baby!  Definitely not what MJ had in mind.  She wanted a small breed dog.  Not to worry....the beautiful little girl was quickly adopted by Mickey and her family, and named Snooki!  MJ is very happy that the puppy has a good home close by so she can see her whenever she wants to.

HOORAY for me!  I got a GPS for Christmas.  It is just like Jenny's, so I'm happy!  Thank you Santa!  I must have been a good girl this year!
I've got to take time to look over my Day Zero Project (101 in 1001) list....I think I've accomplished a few items, or at least partially completed several goals.  Maybe I'll be able to take care of this project within the next few days!
OMG....I need VALIUM!!  I love my husband  but he is driving me crazy!  I've got to find a few minutes of peace and one to constantly watch me and ask me questions!  He has had a cold with cough and congestion for the past week or two and cannot seem to do anything but sit on the couch and watch TV or sleep....please get well soon!  I don't know how much more of a "sick man" I can take....

Well, enough for this MONDAY....
See y'all tomorrow!


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