Friday, December 10, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

 Head over to Lauren's to join us for Fill in the Blank Friday!!   :)

1.   I wish       that all of the little children in the world could wake up and be happy on Christmas morning .

2.  Yesterday I   had a busy day.  After school, I worked for Natalie, went to L's bb game, cooked supper, baked a cinnamon strusel cake, and took Josh home before finally settling down to read for a while..

3.  Today I will       finish out my day here at MEMS, pick up L and MJ from MCHS, take them to their youth group pancake supper, and then hang out at home until the evening is over  .

4.  Tomorrow I will    I will sleep as late as possible, decorate the Christmas tree, and go to Lawren's basketball game at 4:00.....who knows after that...
5.  Maybe     the kids will be in the mood to help me decorate the tree....I'll keep my fingers crossed!

6.  Someday        I want to retire from teaching and get another job at Voc Rehab or the rec dept......

7.  I love       my children, husband, and family; my job, students, and co-workers; my church and Jesus, my Lord and Redeemer...    .

TGIF....and have a great weekend everyone!!

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