Friday, December 3, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   Holiday spirit       will hopefully make an appearance at our house this weekend.  So far we've done NO decorating at tree, no wreath, no nothing!!!

2.  The holidays are incomplete without   our Christmas Eve church service, soup and sandwiches with the family, and a warm, roaring fire in the fireplace..

3.  My favorite things to do around the holidays is       cook, eat, and be with my husband and children.....

4.  A holiday tradition my family and I have is   decorating our tree with all of our treasured Hallmark ornaments....we reminisce about Christmases past as we hang each on the tree.....

5.  Holiday music is      great, when you're in the mood for it.  I love to listen to the classics when I'm decorating the tree..

6.  This year, I'll be spending the holidays        with my immediate family and Chuck's people.  I'm really excited for Dec. 26 though because I'm hosting a get-together with my brothers and sister and all of the nieces and nephews (and great-nieces and great-nephews).  It will be the first time we've all been together since Chuck and I got married in June 1992.
7.  Holiday wish list       1. A new flat-screen TV for the den.  2. A pair of Alegria clogs. 3. Whatever the children most want....  4. Peace on Earth...   .

Hope you have a super weekend!!  I'm sure we will!

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