Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas is done for 2010....

Our family had a wonderful Christmas break.  Chuck and I finally got all of our shopping done and all of the gifts wrapped.  We even had a chance to take a side trip to Columbia to take the kids ice skating and to see the lights at the zoo.

Josh wouldn't dare to put on ice skates....he
just braved the cold and watched the girls skate!
Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia, SC
The Lights Before Christmas

We even saw a few animals at the zoo....
Llama snuggled down in the zoo's barn....
Moray Eel....
Josh, Lawren, and MJ at the zoo....

Christmas Eve was wonderful.  We went to the candlelight communion service at FUMC and then came home for our annual soup and sandwich supper with the family.  Everyone finally settled in around 11:00 for a good nights sleep.

Christmas morning started with Charles building a roaring fire in the fireplace and then the five of us gathered around the tree to open presents.  Everyone was pleased with their gifts.  We capped off the morning with our traditional breakfast casseroles.  Thanks to L and MJ for preparing them this year!  You girls are such a joy to me and your daddy.

Chuck slept most of Christmas afternoon while I worked on the turkey, dressing, and gravy for the Creech family gathering, which by the way, turned out great.  The food was delicious and all of the children were still excited and happy about Santa's earlier visit.  We ended our evening by going over to Vivian's to open gifts with them.  Too bad Warren and Emily were not able to be there with us....a nasty virus attacked their household... :(

We awoke Sunday morning to a peaceful white landscape.....snow everywhere!  It snowed for most of the day also.  Sunday school and church was cancelled, and my much anticipated Davis family gathering had to be postponed until next Sunday. 

The children had a great time playing outside, only coming in long enough to warm themselves by the fire and drink hot chocolate.   Lawren made snowcream and they built a life-size snowman in the front yard.  I'm sure this day will be one that will live in their memories for years to come.

Kasey, William, Lawren, and MJ with their snowman
Dec. 26, 2010
MJ with our three dogs, Lemon, Spanky, and Ricky Bobby

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  1. great pictures. Glad you had a nice Christmas.