Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We Want to Know Wednesday

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{1} What is one thing (food or drink) that you MUST have everyday?  Diet Coke!!


{2} What is your "go to" food when you don't feel well/need comfort?  Oatmeal...a big pot of hot oatmeal with butter!
{3} Is there a dish that you make that people request when they visit your home/a family favorite?  Every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I cook turkey and dressing for the Creech side of Chuck's family.  Country-style steak and gravy with rice is a family favorite, but since I don't eat much red meat, we haven't had that in a while...

{4} What are 3 foods you have TRIED, do not like and will NEVER eat again?  liver, anchovies, and oysters....YUCK!
{5} What's one thing that you love to eat that most people would think is weird and/or gross??  A lot of things....asparagus, avocado and guacamole, and brussel sprouts, just to name a few...

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