Sunday, September 4, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 4

Day 4:  Tell us about your family

I am the 5th and last child born to Harriet and Lawrence Davis.  My older siblings are Larry, Chandler, Frank, and John.   Our daddy died when I was only 4, so my mama was left with us 5 children to raise on her own.....and she did a good job, in my opinion.
Larry, me, Frank, Chandler, and John
I have many four nieces and four nephews on the Davis side of the family...Happy, Joey, Mary, Jeff, Frankie, Jo Anne, Kit, and Evans.  Each one is very special to me.  I also have 4 great-nieces and 3 great-nephews...John, Harvey, Victoria, Law, Lily, Isabella, and Abbie.  These children are our family's hope for the future!  God bless them all!
Jeff, Law, Kit, John, Harvey, Mary, Victoria,
Evans, Charles, Mary Jo, and Lawren
My husband Chuck and I got married in June of 1992.  In August of 1993, we were blessed with our first child, a son, Charles III.  Not quite two years later, in August of 1995, we welcomed fraternal twin daughters, Lawren and Mary Jo, into our family.  Since our children were born, our life has been filled with much love, excitement, fun, adventure, and never ending busyness...and I love every minute of our crazy, hectic life.

Mary Jo, Charles, and Lawren

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