Monday, September 26, 2011

Miscellany Monday

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Monday morning came way too early this morning.  After spending the weekend in Rock Hill at a softball tournament, I needed a few more hours to rest and relax.

I'm the proud mama of an EMT student!  Charles started going to NETC tonight for a six-month-long EMT class....that's being funded by Marlboro Rescue!  I'm so happy that he has committed to the program!  Way to go Charles!

I'm watching JR and Karina on "Dancing With the Stars" and WOW!  They are super!!  I'm not usually a fan of dancing and/or singing shows, but this is well worth the time!

Lawren ate peanut butter on her hot dog and French fries tonight for supper...what's up with that? 

I truly learned something today at school.  All teenagers seem to be procrastinators!  Two  of my kids came in today and said that they had biology projects due TODAY!!  They had to turn in a model of either a plant cell or an animal cell made from household paper or drawing!  We found play dough, some beads, two safety pins, a bag of wiggle eyes, and a dusty shoe box and managed to eek out two projects in a little over an hour!  It was taxing, but certainly worth the effort on everyone's part....

Volleyball in Sumter tomorrow....Go Lady Dawgs!

Hope everyone has a
m a r v e l o u s

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