Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Music Moves Me

So, my husband has a new car with Sirius satellite radio, and he and I listen to the 70's on 7 station occasionally.   Yesterday on the way to church, "Sister Golden Hair" came on, and I automatically started singing along....and I'd probably not heard the song in 30 years!  How does that happen??

Anyway, from 1976, and for your listening pleasure, here's "Sister Golden Hair" by America!!

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  1. Oh boy! Stacy you got to be kiddin? LOL Youngsters! I totally remember this! I started singing along too! Great choice girlfriend! Love it! Thanks for playin' along and see ya next week! woo hoo! Rock on!

  2. Yea Dolly. I"m a youngster too :) I've not heard this one before.

    Thanks for sharing your tunes love and for playing with us today!