Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Want to Know Wednesday


{1} You have been asked to give a 10 minute speech to teenage girls. What is it about?   The first few minutes would be about making good choices....always stop and think.  The next few minutes would be about the importance of just being a kid.  You don't need to grow up too fast.  Enjoy the here and now.  The next would be about staying safe....stay in a group, don't smoke, drink or do drugs.  Lastly, do things in the correct order.  Education should be a priority.  Graduate from high school and then college, get a job, buy a few things you want, and then think about a husband and children.  Life will be so much easier if you don't try to reorder the natural flow....

{2} Do you have a pet? Tell us about them. No pets? Why? Yes, we have four dogs.  We have three backyard dogs, Lemon, Spanky, and Ricky Bobby, and an inside puppy, Pippi.

{3} What is the biggest inconvenience about the place you’re currently living? Actually I love the little town we live in, but we could use a few more restaurants.  It's inconvenient to go out of town to grab a quick supper on nights when the kids are playing sports.

{4} What do you think is the single best decision you have made in your life so far? The most recent best decision was moving to the high school in January.  I love working with the older kids.

{5} What are the THREE "nevers" of your life? (things you would never do or have never done).

* I'll never touch a snake.  I'll probably never die of a snake bite....I'll have a heart attack and die before it can bite me.
* I'll never use illegal drugs.
* I'll never forget the last few minutes I spent with my mama.

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  1. this was great Jo! I will NEVER touch a snake either!