Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday 9: You May Be Right

 1. What is the craziest thing you've done in the last  year?  The children and I went to Georgia/Alabama to Josh's graduation from basic training, kind of on the spur of the moment.

2. What is something that you've lost recently?  I lost my willpower....I've bitten all of my fingernails off and I'm eating everything in sight!  Woe is me..... :( 

3. Where does your patience suffer the most? Sadly, with my own children.

4. Have you ever reread a book?  No, I haven't.

5. What is a TV show that you absolutely HATE to miss?  Survivor.

6. How old do you wish you were?  I wish I was the age I am now....almost 50.

7. Do you know your neighbors? Yes, but we don't associate with them.

8. Do you believe that opposites attract?  Yes.

9. Who was the last person that made you laugh?  Mary Jo....she's so silly!

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